Assess, Detect, and Prevent Threats Across Your Infrastructure


Get one, single, trackable score of your security posture based on our proprietary scoring algorithm that takes into account factors such as security best practices, compliance requirements and threats detected and mitigated.


Maintain an inventory of all security artifacts for your hosts and workloads under one roof regardless of cloud, region, or site, enabling you to truly manage security risk. Prioritized issues help you focus on the remediation that will have the highest impact.


All security events come with a specific, non-generic recommendation for remediation. Fix at the host level, or make the changes from directly within the VantagePoint portal.


VantagePoint is a security product built to protect your critical data across public cloud and private cloud environments. It provides layered protection by paying equal attention to detecting cyber-attacks and to implementing and maintaining measurable security controls across your cloud infrastructure.

It does so across five security verticals: file integrity monitoring, log analysis, vulnerability management, threat detection, and security configuration baseline analysis. VantagePoint aggregates data across these verticals and normalizes it into one security score to help you identify your current holistic security posture along with providing guidance on remediation steps.



We are all pushed to continually meet the rising expectations of our regulators, clients, and certification bodies while simultaneously trying to focus on our core business, growth, and getting our bills and employees paid. When time and resources are constrained, it is easy to let your Information Security program slip, which could have disastrous consequences with customers and regulators.

VantagePoint Consulting is the answer to your resource and time constraints. We are a group of certified security understand what it takes to both develop a security program from the ground up and to maintain or improve an existing one. We offer best practices to enhance your security posture, reduce your risks and facilitate your compliance efforts.


VantagePoint is founded and backed by a team of security industry veterans who have taken on every security role in companies large and small. We understand the challenges you face and are here to simplify your life and streamline your compliance initiatives. Our mission is to enable our clients to successfully meet their security and compliance goals by delivering excellent product and service and executing on time within budget.


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