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Finding the right service company to outsource the management of your business IT services can be a daunting and complicated task. Service options, package plan pricing, and support parameters vary widely, so it is essential to know what you are getting and if that they offer the best solutions to your IT management needs.


The most significant part of the selection process to decide your IT management company is to ask the right questions. Knowing as much as you can ascertain from the prospective companies offering services for managing your computer systems and data can help to make the best choice.


1. What happens if the infrastructure of my business’ computer network goes down?


In today’s digital age, when computers are relied on for so many essential aspects of our lives, breakdowns and malfunctions are inevitable. The best IT management service companies are trained and experienced in disaster relief. They should have recovery plans in place and be ready with rapid response times and contingency plans for any type of situation that arises.


2. How will the growth of my business be helped by affected by your services?


The main goal of your business is growth. Your IT management company should be able to grow with you, smoothly adding new employee accounts, workstations, or locations. They should also have systems in place to handle increased data that comes with growth.


3. How will outsourced IT services keep up with technological change and advances?


Technological advances move at breakneck speeds in the digital era. That is one of the reasons why you need to outsource your IT system needs in the first place. Ask for specific processes in place to deal with growth and get specific examples of previous client successes.


4. What are the terms for data ownership?


Your company’s data is central to the success of your business. Make sure the IT outsourcing Service Company has clearly defined ownership provisions regarding your company’s data. There should be no question as to who owns the data and metadata of your company.


5. What security measures are in place?


Security is a crucial element in the outsourcing of IT services. Confidential and compromising business information will be shared. Service providers should be able to share what firewall and other security measures have been taken to protect your data and information.


6. Are there migration plans offered?


Seamless migration of data and operations is an essential element of IT service management. Make sure your migration needs and concerns can be met, and if the service provider will be partnering with your in-house staff to provide the smoothest transition as possible.


7. What is the pricing structure for IT outsourcing services?


Every company has its own unique pricing plans for IT services. Some prices are all-inclusive, while others offer a basic, standard rate with additional costs for helpdesk services, for example. Make sure you know what is included in the price quotes and how much additional charges can be expected down the line.


8. How secure is your financial health?


You have every right to ask about the financial health of the company you are thinking of handing over your IT support to. Startups can be willing to work hard to earn your continued business, but only an experienced IT service provider with a sustained track record can be fully trusted with your most valued properties, your computers, and your data.


9. What is their approach to customer support?


IT outsourcing companies should be all about support. When computer systems malfunction or break down, it is the support from your IT company that will get your system up and running, and your business back online. You rely on the communication skills and understanding of dispatchers, helpdesk representatives, and technical engineers assigned to your account.


10. What are the guidelines and strategies for emergency IT support?


Computers and IT systems run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Surprisingly, not all IT outsourcing companies offer after-hours support as part of their standard packages.


VantagePoint Provides Secure IT Services for your Business


VantagePoint IT training and consulting provides a wide range of managed IT service solutions from system maintenance and business continuity to emergency disaster recovery. Your IT infrastructure is secure, so you can focus on growth and the development of your successful business enterprises.


Call VantagePoint IT today for complete information on the full range of IT system management and maintenance services. You can also fill out our contact information page, and a knowledgeable representative will promptly respond to your inquiry.


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