VantagePointers – Cross-Site Scripting Explained

VantagePointers – Cross-Site Scripting Explained

Across That Site Yonder Cross-Site Scripting, sometimes referred to as XSS, is really JavaScript injection at its heart, meaning an attacker is able to inject JavaScript into an application in a manner that will cause the victim’s browser to execute the injected code.  This can be a simple…more

The Ghost of Data Breaches Past

Setting the Stage Data breaches are the monsters hiding under the server rack for any modern business.  Intrusions can remain undetected for months, or as in the case of the recently announced Marriott breach, which compromised data on up to 500 million people, years.  It can take even…more

Pentest Survival Guide

That Time Of The Year Again? Already? Penetration tests are the yearly doctor checkups of the cybersecurity world – uncomfortable, invasive, and yet a necessary part of maintaining your information security health.  While there is no avoiding all the pains of a thorough pentest, hopefully VantagePoint can help…more