Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment

A cyber security assessment is something about which you may already have some degree of knowledge if you own a company or run a business. It’s a notion that refers to a need that organizations have to protect their sensitive information. But is it worth it to go through the cyber security risk assessment process for your company, or is it something nonessential?


Why You Need a Cyber Security Audit

Technological advances can be thrilling. They provide opportunities for profit and enhancement of human life that would not have been possible half a century ago, or just a few years ago in some cases. But when new technology comes to the forefront, it often provides opportunities for criminals as well.

Data threats and the casualties that result should be a source of a legitimate concern for virtually all business entities in the 21st century. If there are investors in your company, a cyber security assessment by a third party like VantagePoint is a way for them to feel more confident that you won’t fall victim to ransomware and other existing threats. An independent, in-depth review of your system is something that should take place periodically. To be forewarned is preferable to the alternative in this area.

What You Can Expect from Cyber Security Risk Assessment

No two cyber security risk assessment processes are going to be identical, but certain components will likely show up in all of them. You’ll receive an overview of your network security that includes an itemized list of everything that’s working as it should and any area that is deficient.

The maturity level of your existing information security protocols will be examined. The team or individual who audits you will present the report through the matrix of compliance requirements that apply to your particular niche. That is vital because if there are governing bodies which insist on a certain level of compliance from you that you haven’t achieved, you could leave yourself open to hefty fines and other financial penalties.

The final part of the assessment will be a series of recommendations for actionable items based on what has been discovered. The maturity level of your business’s cyber security can then be upgraded so that your information will be safer next time around.

You Can’t Afford Not to Secure Your Network

A network that you have in place which is vulnerable to attack should be a source of grave concern for you. If your system is subjected to a cyber-attack by a determined hacker, confidential or sensitive client and employee data could be uncovered. This will justifiably undermine public confidence in your company.

When you hire VantagePoint to do a cybersecurity assessment for you, you know that you’re getting a team that can thoroughly evaluate your existing systems and identifies your most vulnerable areas. We examine your personnel, processes, and all the technology that forms the nucleus of your company. Based on our recommendations, you can take steps that significantly reduce the possibility of damage through cyber-attack.

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