Cyber Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment

Are you a business owner or operator, and have you ever heard of a network security assessment? If you haven’t, then it is time for you to familiarize yourself with it. This type of evaluation, which is also sometimes called a network security audit, is vital for companies of every size and description. Without network security testing, you leave yourself open to criminal hackers who may wish to sabotage your business and halt its day-to-day operation.


What is a Network Security Audit?

A network security assessment is when an independent team or individual is brought in to audit your network and test it for vulnerabilities. They probe for any risk areas that could be compromised, thereby leaking sensitive information or causing your business to shut down. These shutdowns cost you money, and they undermine public confidence in your company. Obviously, you also don’t want any of your confidential data being made public.

What Happens During a Network Security Assessment?

During one of these assessments, a company like VantagePoint is brought in to discover any external or internal network entry points of which you might have been unaware. We identify security vulnerabilities in the areas of file, application, and database servers.

We also assess whether a combination of seemingly lower-risk vulnerabilities might be exploited in a sequence so that a high-risk weakness occurs. We measure the potential impact of successful attacks that could conceivably take place from both inside and outside the company.

We also test the viability of network defenses that you already have in place. Based on how successfully they respond to our probing, you can leave them as they are, enhance them, or replace them. At the end of the test, we provide you with the evidence you need to justify increasing or changing your security protocols or IT investments.

The Two Kinds of Network Security Audits

There are two principal types of network security audits: the basic vulnerability assessment and the penetration test. The basic vulnerability assessment is when an outside company or entity looks at your network security, both inside and outside, and produces a report based on the weaknesses that they find. There will be actionable items on that report that you can then implement.

The penetration test, or pen-test, is a more thorough examination of all of your existing systems. In addition to the components of a basic vulnerability assessment, in a pen-test, you can expect a company like VantagePoint to take a close look at staff habits and methodologies.

Vulnerabilities in the system are revealed by running software that delivers a so-called “payload.” Weak links are uncovered, and you’ll then be given recommendations on how to shore them up so that your network becomes much less appealing to hackers.

When you speak to VantagePoint about your company’s network details, we may recommend a basic network security assessment, or we might suggest a pen-test. In either case, you can be sure that we’re the right company to locate your system’s vulnerabilities. We have the experienced, highly skilled team you need to secure your network and keep your business running smoothly.

Let our experts help you assess your exposure and close gaps.