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Tired of having to purchase and jump around between multiple point products?

The inability to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond across all aspects of your infrastructure puts your team and your business at a disadvantage. VantagePoint is a comprehensive security platform designed to give you critical security and prioritization capabilities regardless of your mix of operating systems, cloud environments, or hosting platform. Having these capabilities in one product puts your team and business ahead of the game by reducing overall cost, improving your security posture, and keeping you and your team sane!


Critical security capabilities across all aspects of infrastructure

Consolidate Products

Replace multiple point products with a single platform, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Easy Installation

Deploy robust capabilities across your infrastructure within hours, not months.

Pay for what you use

Pay for what you want and what you use, nothing more.

Focus on Remediation

Our contextual findings and realistic recommendations deliver the information you need to quickly take action.

Scale on Demand

Scale your infrastructure to infinity without worrying if your security can too.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Quickly and easily meet compliance requirements including but not limited to: general B2B security best practices, PCI, ISO27001, NIST 800-53, SOC, HIPAA, GDPR and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Monitor. Analyze. Investigate. Remediate. Anywhere.

VantagePoint provides core security capabilities across all types of infrastructure, ensuring can apply consistent policy regardless of the technology your teams are using.

Core Capabilities Provided By VantagePoint

Prioritized Issues & Recommendations

Our dashboard gives you a holistic, real-time, and prioritized view of your overall security posture. All issues are supported by our realistic, contextual, and specific remediation recommendations.

Global Search

Get instant ability to search for facts, logs, and issues across endpoints, cloud environments, containers, and your companies' Internet presence from one search bar. 

Take Action

Our response capaibilities and custom integrations allow you to quickly and easily resolve issues right in our portal, send alerts where they need to go, or kick off your custom workflow automatically.

Threat Detection

Continuously monitors users and infrastructure to identify unauthorized behavior, attacks, or infection. Leverage out-of-the box priorietary and open source reputation feeds or provide your own custom feeds.

Log & File Analysis

Automatically analyzes, indexes and archives endpoint, cloud, and container log and configuration files in a central location. The search interface allows you to perform advanced searching and set up custom alerts.

Vulnerability Management

Scan your entire environment to assess vulnerabilities related to open perimeter ports and protocols, encryption, applications, operating system, installed software packages, and missing patches.

Security Baselining / Testing

Continuously test all aspects of your infrastructure against a custom or pre-built security baselines to prevent configuration drift.

Chat With Our Experts

Chat capabilities are built right into our platform to ensure you have quick access to our team of experienced experts.

How Does It Work?

VantagePoint is driven by multiple sources and integrations designed to be easily deployable.



Pay for the what you use. Billed monthly.


$1 /gb
  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Investigate
  • Remediate
  • Full Featured Platform


$10 /integration
  • Orchestration Systems
  • Cloud Accounts

Security Scanning

$0.05 /scan
  • Cloud Configuration Scanning

And select a services partnership package.


  • Proprietary Threat Feeds
  • Unlimited Product Support


5% of usage
  • Proprietary Threat Feeds
  • Unlimited Product Support
  • Investigation Services
  • Remediation Services


20% of usage
  • Proprietary Threat Feeds
  • Unlimited Product Support
  • Investigation Services
  • Remediation Services
  • Managed Instance
  • Assigned Analyst

*  minimum of $500

*  minimum of $2,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simple. First sign up for a trial. Your account will be created within minutes of filling out our registration form and you will receive an email notification to sign in. We want you to experience all that VantagePoint has to offer so our trial is full-featured but time-bound. By default, you will be a Silver partner, but you can adjust your partnership package at any time. To upgrade your account, simply enter your credit card information. Our experts are available any time you have questions via our built-in chat functionality.

How does VantagePoint’s pricing work?

Our pricing is a combination of the features and resources you use along with the expertise VantagePoint providers to support your efforts and goals.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our payment system is powered by Stripe and we accept all the forms of payment that they accept. If you would like to discuss invoice-based pricing or ACH, please create an account and file a support ticket.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. To cancel your account simple remove your credit card information from the system and contact our experts to help you get your data deleted.

How can I change my services partnership model?

Changing your services partnership model can be done right within our portal or by contacting one of our experts via our built-in chat.

What types of infrastructure does VantagePoint work on?

VantagePoint was designed to provide full coverage across infrastructures and environments. We are able to deploy against standard server infrastructure, whether it is physical or virtual, Linux or Windows, our system can handle it. Second, we are able to tie in to multiple Cloud providers by integrating directly into APIs for configuration analysis, inspection, and remediation. These capabilities re-enforce each other by providing rich, contextual, and actionable information about your environment to further enhance your ability to remain compliant, prevent an issue, or detect, investigate, respond, and recover from an event.

Comprehensive Security Backed By Experts

Give VantagePoint a test drive and see for yourself.