Product Features

Where no other security tool has gone before.


Why use multiple tools when VantagePoint does it all?

VantagePoint is the first automated solution that gives you the ability to establish and continuously test against a security baseline, monitor intelligence threats, scan for vulnerabilities, receive proactive alerts 24/7, get one aggregated security score and deploy patches – all from one security tool and dashboard.

Monitor. Analyze. Remediate.

VantagePoint provides layered protection that pays equal attention to detecting cyberattacks and implementing measurable security controls across your infrastructure. Automated monitoring and analysis technology gives you the ability to quickly detect, triage, prioritize and track vulnerabilities and remediation efforts.


File Integrity Monitoring

Continuously monitors important configuration files and sends alerts 24/7 if any malicious or unauthorized changes are detected.


Security Baselining

Gives you the ability to establish, and continuously test each server against, a baseline utilizing pre-built best practices and custom configuration policies.


Threat Detection

Leverages over 1.5 million indicators from over 100 proprietary and open source (OSINT) feeds to continuously and automatically inspect files and network payloads for suspicious or malicious activity.


Log Analysis

Automatically analyzes, indexes and archives log files in a central location. The search interface allows you to perform advanced searching across all monitored files and set up custom alerts.


Vulnerability Management

Scans all your hosts daily and assigns criticality based on real security factors, including whether exploit code(s) are available publicly, whether defensive techniques are available, the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score and the vulnerability type.


One Security Score

Aggregates all your security data and normalizes it into one security score that is constantly updated to give you a real-time holistic picture of your security posture.

Advantages of using VantagePoint

Designed by security professionals who have worked in the trenches, VantagePoint offers the operational functionality you need with optimal performance.

Consolidate Products

Replace multiple point products with a single platform and improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Easy Installation

VantagePoint can be deployed on any infrastructure, including your cloud environments, using a single command.

Improve Efficiency

Enables you to automate and streamline your operational workflows and eliminate manual processes.

Focus on Remediation

Contextual analysis delivers the information you need to quickly reduce security risk.

Scale on Demand

VantagePoint agents can be deployed across thousands of hosts in a matter of hours.

Compliance Requirements

Meets specific requirements within PCI, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR and Cloud Security Alliance.

VantagePoint analysis servers do all the "heavy lifting."

The VantagePoint platform delivers excellence through three components: lightweight agents, VantagePoint analysis servers and a management portal. Keeping the agents that are deployed on your servers extremely lightweight ensures optimal performance for your environment. Within minutes, you’ll get a true understanding of your overall security posture, along with a real, actionable and prioritized plan for remediating gaps. All of this is available on any operating system, at any scale, in any physical or virtual environment.


More comprehensive. More features. Greater context.

Give VantagePoint a test drive and see for yourself.