Why Vantage Point

A better way to manage your security.


Always Know Your Security Posture

The VantagePoint Dashboard gives you the knowledge you need to confidently answer all your stakeholders’ questions about security.

Respond to your sales team quickly. Impress customers. Be on top of your game when executives inquire. Report easy-to-digest security score to your board.

Security monitoring and assessment has never been easier!

Central Oversight for Security Monitoring

Computing environments today are highly fragmented and difficult to manage with a range of hosts and changes going up and down the cloud. VantagePoint solves these issue with an automated solution that gives you the ability to take control of all your environments – public clouds, private clouds, on-premise, containers – and easily manage your information security from one platform.


One login. 24/7 Alerts. Monitor. Analyze. Remediate.

It’s as Easy as that.  

Woman holding phone in hand show screen lock safety wherever you work.

Built for Compliance

VantagePoint meets requirements within PCI, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR and Cloud Security Alliance so clients can be confident in their compliance with applicable standards

The right economic solution.

Solve the Talent Gap

Finding the right talent to effectively manage your security across workloads is difficult and keeping that talent engaged and excited is even tougher. VantagePoint fills your talent gap without adding headcount.

Save Budget

No company wants to waste budget on unnecessary expenses. VantagePoint gives you the ability to consolidate multiple tools into one and add efficiencies that create budget savings.  

Enable Revenue

There is more scrutiny on security today than ever before. VantagePoint enables revenue by facilitating compliance and making it easier to respond confidently to audits and RFPs, instilling confidence in your prospects and clients.

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