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VantagePoint consultants are security industry veterans who have taken on every security role in companies large and small. We understand the challenges you face and are here to simplify your life and streamline your compliance initiatives.

An effective information security program involves protecting your organization from emerging threat, while embracing new technologies and managing daily operations to ensure compliance. Combine these factors with the difficult task of having to find and retain experienced security talent while optimizing for current and future budget and resources, it becomes easy to see why security and risk groups are stretched extremely thin.

VantagePoint Consulting provides the experts you need to help you enhance your security posture, reduce your risk, and facilitate compliance efforts. Our consultants are seasoned, highly certified security veterans who can help you assess your security posture, understand your gaps, pursue certification, test and improve your security defenses, design and develop security programs and architecture, and lead key security initiatives on your behalf.


Gap Assessment and Remediation

VantagePoint Consulting experts will evaluate the policies and procedures currently implemented in your organization to identify areas of your security program that need improvement and develop remediation plan. Our experts can then execute on the remediation plan and meet your security objectives by implementing security controls that are robust, effective and cost efficient and that are required to achieve ISO27001 certification or HIPAA, PCI-DSS compliance.


Risk assessment

Our experts use a risk-assessment process based on guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) to collect, analyze, and report security information and security events to identify, quantify, assess, and report on IT-related risks that might contribute to an organization’s operational risk. In a nutshell we identify the assets and the potential threats it might be exposed to and based on our years of experience we quantify the frequency of the threats and impact on the business in the event of a successful attack and finally provide a risk score based on the security controls currently in place.


Penetration testing

VantagePoint Consulting offers internal and external penetration testing services to identify vulnerabilities before they are discovered by a malicious party. Our experts will prioritize these vulnerabilities based on holistic contextual information such as criticality of information assets, severity of vulnerability, potential impact on the organization. And finally we provide recommendations for remediating these vulnerabilities. Our experts will use a mix of manual and automated techniques such as Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Verification, and Penetration Testing.

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Business Continuity (BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing

VantagePoint Consulting will develop BC and DR plans tailored for your organizational needs and compliance requirements, and ensure that all staff have a good understanding of their responsibilities as defined in the plans. The plans essentially consists of training for your Managers/Supervisors, defining the Roles and Responsibilities for all your employees, communications plan. Our experts will work seamlessly with you to test all the procedures in existing plans and any new test and procedures developed for custom requirement.


Chief Information Security Offices (CISO) – Ciso-as-a-Service

Hiring a CISO is expensive and time consuming, but VantagePoint Consulting can deliver on all your required responsibilities of a CISO at fraction of the cost. VantagePoint will provide an unbiased view of your security posture, act as a liaison to auditors and develop a security roadmap aligned with your company’s business goals.


Security Analyst – Dedicated Part-Time Analyst

VantagePoint Consulting in this role will be responsible for securing your data and maintaining data integrity. Our experts will implement on the security program roadmap, proactively seek to identify the security gaps in your environment, work with administrators from other functional groups to communicate and fix the flaws, manage the risks by ensuring that all security systems are current and respond to security incidents. We will design and conduct training customized for your employees on topics of information security controls and safety.


Security Policy and Procedure Documentation

VantagePoint Consulting train our clients to “Document what you do and do what you document”. Our experts can help you build a comprehensive repository of security policies, procedure and standards. We review the policy and procedure documents in place and based on the gap assessment results and your organizations security objectives, our experts would develop policies and procedures for your overall enterprise security program.


Architecture Review and Consulting

You can count on VantagePoint Consulting to perform a thorough review of security architecture and evaluate how well your business requirements are fulfilled with the current systems in place.    Based on the review you will receive recommendations for mitigations, migration plans and roadmaps prioritized by severity of impact and criticality of potential threats.


Multi-Year Security Strategy Development

Based on first-hand knowledge of industry best practices, compliance requirements, and years of experience on variety of security tools, our experts will develop a robust security architecture by accounting your organization’s risk, compliance and operational requirements and that will scale as your business changes and grows.


Technology Testing and Recommendation

Making decisions on security products is hard as there are many product options on the market and not enough time to evaluate them all. Our expert consultants can help you with the decision of choosing the right technology that will bring the most value to your organization by designing and executing on technology comparison and testing exercises to ensure that all your security needs are met and you realize the value of your product investment.


Internal Audit

VantagePoint Consulting will conduct security system self-assessment and help you prepare your organization for formal inspection by an independent auditor. Our certified auditors will review the policies, standards and procedures in place, the existing technical controls and the physical safeguards. An audit report will be delivered, which will include mitigation plans to remediate the security gaps.


Day of Audit support

VantagePoint Consulting experts will act as a liaison between your organization and the external auditor and will provide active support in IT audits that are outsourced to external consultants for compliance or certifications. On the day of the external audit our experts will perform the required IT test procedures and offer relevant advice and insights related to your organization’s IT control environment.


Vendor Due Diligence

Companies purchase or license a myriad of third party products and services both on premise deployments or cloud based SaaS solutions. Since these products handle your data, sometimes mission-critical data, and since these could also be a potential attack vector into your environment, you should be cognizant of the potential risks introduced by your vendors. Our experts will evaluate the security posture of all the 3rd party vendors and partners by performing thorough due-diligence on data handling, availability and data confidentiality.

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