Value delivered through expert consulting

Security Industry Veterans

VantagePoint security consultants are industry veterans who have been in the trenches and managed corporate security in companies from startups to Fortune 500s. We understand the challenges you face and are here to simplify your workload, streamline your initiatives, and provide business outcome value through our expertise and service.

Your Security Partner

Our clients often have different needs when it comes to security. Whether your needs are in security assessment,  testing, part-time staffing, security architecture or auditing support, our security consultants know how to dive into your needs quickly, craft a strategy or simply supply tactical support and execute efficiently.

Some of the specific gaps our security consultants help clients address:

  • Assessment & Audit
    • Gap Assessment and Remediation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Internal Audit
    • Third Party Supplier Risk Management
  • Engineering
    • Architecture Review and Consulting
    • Defense Implementation
    • Tool Optimization & Management
  • Penetration Testing
    • Application Pen Testing
    • Network Pen Testing
    • Cloud Configuration Testing
    • Red Team Exercises
  • Staff Augmentation
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – Ciso-as-a-Service
    • Security Leadership Staffing
    • Part-time Staffing for any position
  • Transaction Consulting
    • Confirmatory Due Diligence
    • Integration Evaluation
    • Product/Technology Diligence

Flip the narrative and make security one of your selling points.

Today, security is top of mind for most companies and the lack of sound security can be a barrier to winning projects. Our consultants have deep experience with most compliance requirements and security concerns. We can help you position your company to not only exceed expectations during an audit or RFP response, but also give your sales team a compelling story they can use proactively to win business.


Security doesn’t have to drain your team’s energy or your budget.

Our contracting model gives you the ability to have a team of security experts focused on your top priorities and available when you need advice – so you can concentrate on your core responsibilities. We understand the dynamics of IT budgets and are here to lead your security initiatives without the cost and ramp time of hiring, training and retaining security staff.

The expertise you need to stop worrying about security

Don’t lose a deal because of non-compliance

Complying with US government and international regulations can be the difference between winning and losing a deal. VantagePoint consultants and solutions provide the knowledge and steps necessary to get your company in compliance so you can win your next deal.

Experts who know compliance

VantagePoint’s consultants are compliance veterans who have worked in companies where stringent compliance and leading-edge security was a requirement for clients. We have been through compliance certifications, written compliance policies, managed daily adherence, participated in audits and remediated after audits. We understand the importance and know how to help you ensure you are in compliance so you can win that next big contract.

Overcome gaps

VantagePoint offers you two options for identifying and addressing gaps in your security when it comes to compliance. If you’re looking for hands-on strategic analysis, our consultants are available to help you address current compliance standards or prepare for new standards that have not yet been enacted. We also offer an automated solution that analyzes information across your environment and shows you what gaps you have so you can take action quickly.

Compliance Standards

VantagePoint meets most compliance standards, including: PCI, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR and Cloud Security Alliance. If you do not see your Compliance requirement here, please ask, we are constantly addressing new compliance standards and may have a solution for you.

Learn how we can help you enable revenue with Compliance