Staff augmentation

Our experts are part of your team


A True Partner In Success

Protecting your organization grows more difficult by the day. The threat landscape continues to evolve, and a wide variety of risk requires your team to be constantly vigilant. Running an effective security program requires business acumen and expertise in security, technology and process, but bringing all those capabilities in-house can be challenging and costly.

Staff augmentation services from VantagePoint can help by providing part-time or full-time access to security experts who can help achieve business outcomes. Whether you are looking for a on-staff CISO, a security analyst, or simply need an expert security engineer to help with a business application redesign, VantagePoint can help. We can provide you with the talent your organization needs, for as long as you need it.



You gain access to our experienced, senior experts who assist you using real-world experience, proven frameworks, and an understanding of industry, budgeting, and business.


Through our staff augmentation you can gain access to deep, seasoned professionals who have architected, implemented, and managed complex security infrastructure and who can help you solve your toughest challenges.


Our experts have designed, implemented, managed and tested control programs across the spectrum of regulatory and compliance requirements and industries. We can help you achieve your goals and exceed your stakeholder's expectations.

Engagement Approach.

Our team is committed to customer success and ensuring that your security goals are met or exceeded. We understand that every customer is unique, so we begin the staff augmentation process by identifying desired business outcomes, requirements, staffing gaps, and key challenges. This analysis will be transformed into an agreed upon key projects and tasks list, which will govern the engagement. Throughout the engagement we provide ongoing status reports, work with you to re-prioritize work as needed, and ensure that your needs are being met. VantagePoint's skilled team members are ready to tackle any challenge.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Our Staff Augmentation offering is designed to be flexible for any need, challenge, time frame, or budget. Our experts can be available for you as long as you need them and we can scale allocation with your business requirements and context. 

Let our experts help you solve your challenges at a fraction of the cost