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Assessing the value of a technology, especially the value to potential customers, requires an understanding of the entire stack of technology, from the hardware to the software and everything in between. VantagePoint brings business-savvy expert technologists to bear who have years of experience in pre-close analysis and post-close integration support. Our ability to understand the business context of the transaction, identify risk, assess value, and communicate in the language of the buyer under quick turnaround requirements make us a great partner for any investment firm.


Confirmatory Diligence

A complete evaluation of the target companys' technology to understand, surface, and assess key risks in the context of the transaction.

  • Security & regulatory risks
  • Technology scaling risks
  • Intellectual property risks
  • Open source licensing risks
  • Licensing liability risks
  • Among others

Integration Evaluation

An assessment of the readiness of the target's systems and process to integrate into the parent organization. We will highlight key risks and will prescribe an overall strategy and recommendations for the post-close integration process inclusive of milestones and recommended resource allocation.

  • Technology operations
  • Software development
  • Security operations
  • Key systems & processes

Product Diligence

An analysis of the value proposition of the product or solution offering from a technology and business perspective. We will assess the positioning, technology and primary/ancillary value proposition(s) of the core product or service offering relative to the market, competitors, and overarching trends.

  • Technology analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis

Engagement Approach.

Our team is committed to customer success and ensuring that your goals are met or exceeded. We do that through a clear understanding of your objectives and leverage our technical and business expertise to deliver results quickly and with high-quality. Each offering is driven by our inclination to consult and provide you the guidance you need to make decisions with confidence.

Multiple Engagement Options

Our Due Diligence offerings come in multiple forms from project-based engagements to recurring retainer-based engagements. Regardless of the structure, you will not be disappointed.

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