Technology Due Diligence Consulting

What is Security Due Diligence?

These terms all indicate the same thing: an assessment of an organization’s IT function. If there is ever a merger or an acquisition that is going to take place, information technology due diligence is one of the steps that usually happens first. Sometimes the company does this service voluntarily, like a self-audit.


Why Does Technology Due Diligence Need to Happen?

There are several potential reasons that this sort of service might need to take place. If it is the business owner or operator who is doing it, then the most likely reason is that they want to have a better understanding of their IT function. They’ll look at things like the system cost, risks that might be present, or opportunities that might be leveraged.

If it’s an outside entity that is running the security due diligence assessment process, then the most likely reason is if a merger or an acquisition is being considered. The investors or the parent company are trying to get an accurate idea of how efficiently the entity they are absorbing is being managed.

Who Usually Runs these Tests?

These sorts of tests are sometimes handled internally, but not very often. It is much more common for a company like VantagePoint to step in to offer help in this area. The reason a third-party or independent assessor is preferable is that it ensures there is no obfuscation of system vulnerabilities or deficiencies.

In the case of an acquisition, for instance, it’s a way of accurately determining a company’s worth. If there are glaring vulnerabilities in their IT setup, then these are going to cost money to correct.

If you are doing technical due diligence for a company and you bring in an entity like VantagePoint, you know that you’re going to get an accurate assessment because we have no vested interest in the outcome of our evaluation. You can be confident that we're going to be honest and thorough.

Hire a Company that Will Do the Job Right

If you plan on getting these tests run, you also need to be sure that you’re hiring an entity that has a great deal of experience and a reputation for excellence in this field. You want someone who can conduct a systematic probe into a company’s existing IT systems, their infrastructure, their organizational hierarchy, and their process evaluation methodology.

Once you have the completed report, you’ll know what improvements need to happen. You’ll know whether best IT management is already in place, or if tweaks to the existing system need to be made. Whether you are conducting a self-audit or you’re planning on acquiring a company, this is a service you need. Reach out to VantagePoint if you’re ready for a technical due diligence consultation.

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